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Street Legal Golf Cart Rental

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Street Legal Golf Cart Rental Rates – FREE Delivery on all Golf Cart Rentals*

Our Street Legal Golf Carts and e-Beach Wagons are available for
weekly or daily rental (minimum 2 days). All rentals include free delivery.
Delivery and pickup times will be scheduled with you based on your
arrival/departure times.

Please ensure adequate parking and availability to charge the Golf Carts at your property. Most communities permit the use of Street Legal Golf Carts; however, there are some that do not. It is your responsibility to ensure Golf Carts are permitted where you are staying. There are NO REFUNDS, so please check in advance.

Golf Carts and e-Beach Wagons should be returned fully charged and
available for pickup at the delivery location. If the Golf Cart/e-Beach Wagon is not available for pickup at the designated time, a $150 convenience fee may be charged. Additionally, if there are any charges incurred for damage, unpaid citations, or fines associated with the rental cart during your rental period, the credit card on file will be charged accordingly.

*Delivery area includes Bethany, Fenwick, Selbyville, Millville, Ocean View, and Frankford.

6 Pass Pricing
4 Pass Pricing

Now Offering E-Beach Wagon Rentals

Simplify your beach trek with an electric motorized 2’x4′ beach cart!

Inspired by the retro look of woodie wagons. Innovated in the latest technology of electric transportation. Introducing the mother of all beach wagons. e-Beach Wagon is a patent pending electric motorized 2’x4′ multi-terrain wagon that travels at a variable speed, controlled by a throttle and steered by a hand grip. It is effortless to carry over 300 pounds of gear to the beach and back, all while charging your phone and electronic devices throughout the day. 

If you would like to purchase your own e Beach Wagon click on this  link and use Coupon Code BETHANYBEACH to get $125 off your purchase 


E-Beach Wagon
Weekly $250 Daily $50 (min 2day Rental)

+ Delaware Rental Tax of 1.9914%

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Please complete the booking request form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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